INTERNET EXPLORER: Retired (June 15, 2022) But Not Gone

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After a nearly 20-year run, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) is being retired as of June 15, 2022.

Its replacement, Microsoft Edge, works faster, and is more secure and modern. Today’s internet environment is far more complex than when IE was launched in the 1990’s. It requires faster speeds to refresh web pages and process cloud-hosted programs.

Additionally, the online environment is increasingly dangerous, as cybercriminals exploit even the slightest of vulnerabilities. To combat this, security features have been built into Microsoft Edge, to minimize the risk of a breach.

  • If you are a user accessing IE at home, we suggest you switch to Edge at your earliest opportunity. If you are using Windows 10, you will can locate the program by using the search box at the bottom left of the screen.
  • Many business users still employ legacy programs and inter/intranet websites reliant on Internet Explorer. By enabling the “Internet Explorer” mode within Microsoft Edge program, access to these applications remain supported until at least 2029. Check out the Internet Explorer mode website for more details.

For home users and for businesses that do not need access to features of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari (for Mac users) are good options, as well.

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