Good Works

Through meaningful initiatives, we strive to create positive change
in our communities. Join us in making a difference and building
a brighter future together.

Sandwire's commitment for over 20 years.

The concept of “giving back” infuses the company culture at Sandwire. As President, Adam Schwam sets the bar and motivates the team. Adam has long records of service to nonprofits, community organizations, and business groups, knowing his time, effort, and funds raised make a profound difference.

Not only is this great for the community, but it is also good for business. Some Sandwire clients have actually hired the company due to its visibility as a supporter of community causes. Others have followed its lead and sponsored events or involved themselves as volunteers. Sandwire is proud to set an example.

Adam is a founding member of The Long Island Elite, a young business professionals’ networking group that encourages relationship-building through giving back and raising funds for regional charities. Sandwire has been a consistent sponsor as the organization has raised more than a million dollars for dozens of charities. 

In 2004, Adam participated in the Long Island Fight for Charity, boxing (with other entrepreneurs and executives) to raise money for local charities. In 2019, he made an encore performance, boxing before 2,000+ spectators. His contender was his close friend and Sandwire client, Bert Lurch of E Central Medical Management, Inc. To maximize donations, Adam wrote, produced and starred in a movie short entitled “What are a Few Punches Worth,” based on the Rocky films, featuring a parody of the rivalry between Rocky and Apollo Creed. All told, Adam and Bert raised more than $65,000 for local charities.

The Sandwire team also contributes to and participates in a variety of other community and business organizations. Belief in community, participation and giving back has long been key to Sandwire’s culture and will continue to be for years to come.

A message from our PRESIDENT

Elevate Your IT Game with Sandwire

It has been 25 years since I started Sandwire with the goal of helping businesses use the right technology to run, grow, and protect their companies. Now under the CCR Family of Companies, we have more resources than ever to make this a reality. This is my promise to you.
Adam Schwam
President of Sandwire

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