CCR Family

Circle Computer Resources (CCR) is a globally recognized, innovative 
provider of specialized technology services, founded in 1986.

Family of Companies

CCR (Circle Computer Resources) was founded in 1986 as a family-owned company in the Midwest and has worked since then to provide specialized technology services to our clients around the globe. Our teams are innovative and creative in developing unique and custom solutions to solve for our clients’ specific needs.

CCR values the knowledge of our team members and their ability to stay current in the ever-changing trends of their fields. We’re always reading, researching, training, and experimenting to find the best set of solutions for our clients. Innovation is not just a word, it’s a way of life. We believe in leveraging technology to deliver exceptional value to our clients, following through on our promises, and providing an excellent experience every step of the way.

The CCR Family of Companies encompasses broadcast and media monitoring solutions with CCR Media, internet to hard-to-reach locations with BeyondReach, field-first jobsite technology services with ConstructEdge, operational technology support for pork producers with Orbit Farm Technologies, field/tower solutions with NetEvolve Field Services, and specialized IT services with Sandwire. Among our many distinctions include the HIRE Vets Medallion, Great Place to Work certification, and MSP Mentor 501 Top Managed Service Providers recognition.

You can learn more about CCR on our website.

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