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10 Cybersecurity Tips for Business Travelers – Source:

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or traveling for the first time, cybersecurity poses a risk. Business travelers are extremely vulnerable because they carry sensitive data, so it’s vital that they take extra precautions to keep this information safe. After being cooped up during the pandemic, business and leisure travelers are itching to globe-trot once

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INTERNET EXPLORER: Retired (June 15, 2022) But Not Gone

After a nearly 20-year run, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) is being retired as of June 15, 2022. Its replacement, Microsoft Edge, works faster, and is more secure and modern. Today’s internet environment is far more complex than when IE was launched in the 1990’s. It requires faster speeds to refresh web pages and process cloud-hosted

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12 Best Password Practices

With the business world heavily reliant on digitalization in this day and age, the use of technology in your organization is unavoidable. Although technology can undeniably give your business an advantage in increasingly competitive markets, there are many troublesome areas to keep an eye on. This is why interest in cybersecurity has risen in recent

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What is the “Dark Web”?

The Dark Web is an intentionally hidden world where cyber criminals access illegal information, goods and services. Hackers trade in stolen passwords, identities and other exposed vulnerabilities to wreak havoc on the legitimate internet, spreading viruses, ransomware and the like. Sandwire monitors clients’ domains 24/7/365 with human and machine-powered protection of domains, IP addresses and

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cobrand Tue Feb 15 2022

4 Common Setbacks with Ineffective Technology Change Management

4 Common Setbacks with Ineffective Technology Change Management Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, empowering businesses to accomplish more in less time. The transformations that technology has brought about in the business world are mind-boggling and with transformative change comes stress. Without a defined change management strategy in place, avoidable inconsistencies are more likely

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Your Biggest Cybersecurity Risk: Your Employees

Cybercriminals work round the clock to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in your business’ network for nefarious gains. The only way to counter these hackers is by deploying a robust cybersecurity posture that’s built using comprehensive security solutions. However, while you’re caught up doing this, there is a possibility you may overlook mitigating the weakest link

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Why Security Awareness Training Is Essential for Backups

Why Security Awareness Training Is Essential for Backups According to IBM’s 2020 Cost of Data Breach Report, human error causes nearly 25 percent of data breaches, meaning that a negligent employee can become a tangible threat to your business’ invaluable data. The only way to prevent your employees from compromising your business data is by

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The Dangers Within: Understanding Insider Threats

The year 2020 witnessed an unprecedented onslaught of cybersecurity threats across the world as the global workforce underwent a forced transition to remote working. However, not all cybersecurity threats come from the outside. In a study conducted by Bitglass, 61 percent of businesses surveyed reported at least one insider-related cybersecurity incident in the last year.

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