Protect Your Business with a Disaster Recovery Plan

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What happens when disaster hits your business? Whether it’s cybercrime, a server crashing, an employee accidentally deletes important data, or Mother Nature strikes, being offline for any length of time can cost your business thousands of dollars. Having a disaster recovery plan can make all the difference when the unexpected happens. 

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? 

A disaster recovery plan is a service that: 

  • Identifies mission-critical technology for your business. It outlines what must be protected and backed up to reduce downtime 
  • Accounts for various scenarios and outlines a plan to get your business back online
  • Considers budget, resources affected, technology, data, compliance, and more

Why Does It Matter? 

Businesses heavily rely on technology for day-to-day operations. Losing data as a result of an outage, natural event, or man-made crisis can hurt your bottom line. Without a plan in place and a strategy to preserve the information your business needs to run critical functions, your business is at risk for major financial losses. Having disaster recovery services ensures that your business can get back up and running ASAP in the event of a major disruption. 

Back-Up Your Data

Back-ups are a critical component of a disaster recovery plan because:

  • Your data is irreplaceable.
    The cost of lost data can range from thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the size of your business and the amount/value of the information lost.
  • They significantly reduce downtime.
    Having the data stored in a safe, accessible place outside your physical location can keep your business running in the event of service interruption, reducing the impact on customers.

What You Can Do 

Having a trusted technology partner staffed with experienced team members and a standardized process can alleviate the stress that accompanies unforeseen interruptions. Safeguarding your infrastructure and data with the right support gets you back up and running in no time when disasters occur. We provide backup, maintenance, remediation, archiving, and hosted storage services as part of our Disaster Recovery product suite. Learn more about what we offer by clicking the button below.

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