Disaster Prevention

Business Continuity Planning for Long Island Businesses

Sandwire offers full Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions. Our IT experts keep your data safe, so that you and your staff are able to continue to deliver services to your clients and maintain the ability to drive revenue, should unexpected business interruptions arise.

Be it a data breach, power outage or an act of nature, many business owners choose to “roll the dice” in the hopes their business will not be affected. Don’t take the gamble: Sandwire is here to help your business prosper, avoid downtime and plan with certainty.

disaster prevention

Disaster Prevention Services

With Sandwire’s disaster recovery consultations, your company has the opportunity to avoid drastic financial losses that occur due to downtime.

Business Continuty

Offsite Backup

Sandwire knows that running a business is hard work. They can help you to develop and implement an organized plan for the various facets of your company.


Remote Maintenance

Sandwire’s Data Management and Backup Planning lets you grow your business without worrying about the consequences that may arise from lack of disaster anticipation.


Disaster Recovery and Remediation Services

Sandwire implements backup plans for situations like the one above so your data remains protected and accessib


Email and File Archiving

Email archiving permits the capturing, preserving, and organization of all email traffic to and from a given individual, providing for an efficient way to retrieve information.

offsite backup

Server Colocation & Hosted Storage

Taking advantage of server colocation and hosted storage provides a hosting option when your company is looking for the features of a large IT department without the costs.

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